Clara Sechet

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant & Yoga Instructor

Originally from France, Clara has always had a deep interest in giving more meaning to her actions and understanding herself deeply.

She became a yoga teacher 5 years ago in India, which gave a complete new perspective to her life. She then completed a Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching in Australia, before starting her studies in Ayurveda in 2022. She completed a Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation, with a deeper understanding of who she was and how impactful living in accordance with nature could be.

She has a deep passion for sharing about ayurveda and yoga, and their wisdom, while maintaining a very grounded and authentic approach towards them! She aims to help you
understand yourself deeper and maintain optimal health, by making you see and appreciate your uniqueness. She can especially help treat imbalances such as anxiety and stress, digestion, sleep, skin, joints, weight issues, and much more, in a holistic and mindful way.

Her services include ayurvedic consultations, which is an individual session to get to know you deeper on all aspects of your life, and understand your imbalances and their origin. Upon this consultation, you will receive a diet and lifestyle plan so that you can gradually implement mindful and simple adjustments to your daily life. Her goal is to show you what you can do more of, rather than what you should stop doing.

She also offers ayurvedic massages and 1:1 yoga classes, individually tailored to accompany you as much as possible into living with more alignment and ease.

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