Louise Cridland

Holistic Psychologist & Coach

Louise has been working one-on-one with women through coaching and psychotherapy for over 12 years.

She blends eastern and western philosophies, qualifications and science in her holistic coaching. This includes, a Bachelor and Master in Psychology, Yoga Teacher Training, Buddhism & Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, and Gestalt therapy.

She has further delved into soul work, including shamanic womancraft, shamanic awareness practices, yoga, meditation, and body psychotherapy.

Louise’s holistic coaching and psychotherapy is also influenced by yogic, buddhist, meditative and human design philosophies.

Louise supports those she works alongside to transform, supporting their journey towards greater clarity when making decisions, listening to their intuition, healing from past experiences and letting go of habits that no longer serve.

Louise is also passionate about assisting clients to identify their yearnings, enable them to take aligned action towards their dreams so they can live a life full of purpose, meaning, connection and fun.

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