Morgane Stroobant

ZenThai Shiatsu, Reiki & Sound Healing

Morgane has been working with the physical and energetic body for many years both as a yoga teacher, an energetic bodywork and sound healing practitioner. Through receiving and offering treatments, Morgane has witnessed first hand the profound healing capacities of those modalities. Thus, her passion for a holistic approach to healing and self care, has led her to continue developing her intuitive skills through various trainings and mentoring over the years.

Morgane offers modalities such as zenthai shiatsu bodywork (blend of shiatsu, osteopathy and traditional thai massage), acupressure, reiki, cupping, moxa alongside side offering insight stemming from Chinese Medicine and Yogic Vedic Philosophy. These can be stand alone treatments or an intuitive blend to support short and long term goals. Morgane’s hands have been described as “magical and powerful” and her treatments profound. The depth of Morgane’s work comes through the subtleties and her intuitive approach and skills, curating a unique treatment experience for each client. Morgane creates and holds a safe space to drop in and to surrender. A space where one can be vulnerable and start peeling off the layers of what we are not, letting go of all the noise to return to who we are and we are here to do.

Morgane’s treatments allow the mind to settle so one can come back into body; wether you are looking for a physical, energetic, emotional or spiritual body release, Morgane’s approach will offer time and space for transformation, healing and evolving.

Additionally, Morgane has been working with sound and its healing vibrations. Using crystal bowls, harmonium, mantra and singing, Morgane uses her voice and sound healing skills to create a vibratory field that resonates deep within. These healing sessions allow the receiver to drop in, into the deeper layers of the subconscious, rewiring patterns and working with deep seated intentions. Through nidra practices, meditation and working with the chakra system when appropriate, Morgane supports her client to walk their way home, connecting to their higher selves to keep moving forward on their unique path, embodied and living heart led lives.


Available weekly by appointment only

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