Counselling and Psychotherapy aim to help individuals address emotional, psychological, and behavioural issues. These sessions may be supportive for you in particular times of need or as a source of connection for maintaining health and wellbeing.

Counselling is a broad term that encompasses various approaches to helping individuals cope with life challenges, improve their well-being, and achieve personal growth. Counsellors provide support, guidance, and practical strategies to help clients gain insight, develop coping skills, and make positive changes in their lives.

Psychotherapy is an in-depth and long-term process that delves into the root causes of psychological distress and aims to bring about lasting change. Psychotherapy involves exploring a client’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviours to gain a deeper understanding of their inner world and how it impacts their well-being.

Psychotherapy and Counselling allows for individual expression, to be heard and to be validated. It assists people to live fully, to discover potential, to face fears and to be adventurous. In the counselling process one learns to accept all of the complexities that make us unique, with all our robustness, achievements, mistakes and vulnerabilities.

Both counselling and psychotherapy involve building a therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist. This relationship provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings, gain insight into their concerns, and work towards personal growth and healing. Therapists use active listening, empathy, non-judgment, and therapeutic interventions to facilitate change and help clients overcome their challenges.

At Cocoon, we also offer alternative therapies such as Process Oriented Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Gestalt, which are all therapeutic approaches that focus on the exploration and understanding of the individual’s inner experiences and personal growth. You can find out more information about these modalities and arrange a session by speaking with someone from our team.

Counselling & Psychotherapy practitioners in Bondi Beach

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